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Hao Xue Action is formed as a statutory charitable organization in Hong Kong SAR in 2009, concerned with the issues surrounding education in China. Our mission is to support the underprivileged in their efforts to learn, and to enrich lives through encouragement of learning.

We are committed to building a platform of direct engagement, as we encourage our supporter/volunteers to actively participate in the planning and execution of our projects. As such, both the helper and the helped have the opportunity to benefit from a project.

Hao Xue Action is not affiliated with any religious groups or political organization. Our independence will ensure that the beneficiaries of Hao Xue Action will receive the most adequate, efficient and effective support and relief.

Understanding that we are accountable to donors, we commit to using their hard-earned money cost-effectively.

Our Objectives

We founded Hao Xue Action for the betterment of the education environment for students and children in the PRC, to consolidate and utilize the power of a knowledge society, and relieve the rural areas of developmental difficulties. We would like to see a broad spectrum in our coverage, benefiting as many children as possible to have the opportunity to learn and, at the same time, having more people willing to help the underprivileged.

Hao Xue Action will be chiefly involved with the following:

  1. supporting children and youth education in the PRC through co-operation with the relevant governmental agencies, so that the children and youth involved may complete their studies and equip themselves to serve their community;
  2. conducting in-depth on-site analysis of the current education environment of the PRC, to identify target projects which are in-line with the objectives of Hao Xue Action;
  3. improving the hard-ware and soft-ware of schools in the PRC which are lacking in resources through fund-raising activities;
  4. developing comprehensive monitoring and control guidelines, through the expertise of the founders and members of Hao Xue Action. The aim of this is to create a reliable donation portal for our donors. Specific members of Hao Xue Action will follow up on the projects of Hao Xue Action on a long-term basis to ensure the continuity and efficiency of such projects;
  5. introducing mainland PRC education issues to local students of Hong Kong SAR through collaboration in organizing fund-raising activities, engaging in experience exchange and participating as volunteer teachers at target schools. Participating local students of Hong Kong SAR can expect to improve their leadership skills and to have a better understanding of the education, economic and social situation of the PRC through their involvement.