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Thank you for supporting us! We accept the following methods of donation:

  1. Online donation through PayPal, by using the donate panel at the left. Please note that a small percentage of your donation will be charged by PayPal as service fee. If you would like to get a receipt, please be sure to enter your postal address.
  2. Direct transfer to our bank accounts:
    • For HSBC, the account no. is 640-071239-838;
    • For Bank of China, the account no. is 012-884-1-035588-9.
  3. Crossed cheque made payable to "Hao Xue Action Limited".

For method (2) and (3), please fill in our donation form and send it along with your original bank receipt or crossed cheque to the following address:

Hao Xue Action Limited,
P. O. Box No. 2136,
General Post Office,
Hong Kong.

Or fax them to 34048434.

Should you have further enquiry, please contact