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Library On Delivery

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Through Library On Delivery, Hao Xue Action’s flagship project, we form partnership with under-financed schools that have shown proven records of accountability and sustainability. We provide schools with established needs - not only library books, and furniture, but also library operation system and on-site staff training to make sure our libraries are well used and well liked.

Our objective is to provide the student body access to leisure and out-of-curriculum reading, and teaching and development resources for school staffs.

The scale of the library facilities is determined according to the actual and practical needs of each school. After the libraries are set up, we maintain regular contact with the schools, in addition to annual evaluation visits, to make sure the libraries are well
maintained and our donors’ money well spent.

We also provide financial and consultative support for the continued operation of the library facility.

Books of all kinds play a critical role in children’s development. Our goal is to allow less-advantaged students, at their prime age to learn and play, to have access to out-of-curriculum learning opportunities. We hope the books will encourage independent learning, intellectual curiosity, and a lifelong passion for reading.

Also, seeing play as an important element in the process of youth growth, the library facility donated by Library On Delivery is envisioned as a leisure center in which the students can broaden their knowledge and enrich their leisure life in a safe and accessible setting.