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Beijing ZhenXing School Library

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Hao Xue Action's first project has been successfully launched!

The old, barren library of the ZhenXing School in Beijing, a private school

for children of migrant workers, is now filled with new shelves that are fully

stocked with books from the required syllabus and acomputer lending

system. All these are acquired by Hao Xue Actionwith the funds you so

generously donated to us! Students can finallybring books home with

them and fill their free time with cultivating a love of reading! The library

now opens to Secondary and Primary 5 and 6 students.

Starting from school year 2013, 10 students selected from Secondary and

Primary 5 and 6 to help to enhance the management of the library. They

response to lend and return the books, manage the books, maintain the

reading environment of the library and keep tidiness of the library.


A student finds out what having a new library is like.

New shelves stocked with new books.

A computerized lending system to keep track of it all.

Students outside the newly relaunched school library.